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13 January, 2016

7 Most Expensive Jewels Sold at Auction in 2015

[tps_header]These radiant pieces range from glistening blood-red rubies to bright blue diamonds and everything in between. And because in Design Limited Edition we run out of synonyms for shiny, we’ll just get to it; below you’ll find the seven most expensive jewels purchased at auction last year.[/tps_header]

1. Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink—$13.87 Million

7 Most Expensive Jewels Sold at Auction in 2015 Most Expensive Jewels 7 Most Expensive Jewels Sold at Auction in 2015 expensive jewels sold auction 2015 1
The more color saturation and clarity a stone has, the more impressive and costly it becomes, and this fancy vivid purple-pink diamond is no different. Categorized as a fancy vivid, one of the most sought-after grades for colored stones, this 13,914,000 CHF (approx. $13.87 million at the time of sale) ring comes at a seemingly small 8.24 carats, but is one of the more exceptional pink diamonds. Due to its natural color, SI1 clarity and a deep purple-pink shade it was the second-most expensive lot of Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva earlier this year.