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Design Limited Edition is an elite blog that aims to provide the most actual news about art, crafts, design, culture and luxury. It focuses on Limited Editions, the most exclusive and specialized content in different categories for the most demanding audience.

Arts & Crafts

Working with the noblest and rarest materials, with the most exclusive craftsmen techniques and handmade processes. Most of the products we show you in Design Limited Edition are authentic works of art; from the moment they are produced until when they arrive at your house. Discover the interior finest materials and the most exclusive production arts.

Limited Edition

Some pieces are so high-class and unique that can’t be mass produced and deserve their own limited edition. In this limited edition guide we present you the most rare design products, jewelry, fashion highlights and other exclusive luxurious and refined goods.


To keep you update with the most important art, design and fashion events, in this category we want to guide you through the world of luxury and culture. To make sure you are always up to date and don’t miss any exhibition you will certainly love.


We provide you a space to appreciate and enjoy the most impactful and lush artworks you have ever seen. Take a look to the exotic paints, sculptures, photography exhibitions and music news we present you every week in Design Limited Edition.

Luxury Toys

The most expensive cars, yachts, private jets and other amazing vehicles an impressive amount of money can buy are displayed in our “Luxury Toys” category. Here you can be up to date with the newest novelties about these themes, but also informed on the new luxury sports and games you shouldn’t miss.


Travel. Taste. Learn. Feel impressed and discover a whole new world waiting for you, filled with the most luxurious experiences you are willing to live. A world travel guide with the most selective options for you to enjoy the best life has to offer.


The talented craftsmen of the most luxury and exclusive furniture have unique stories to share. Discover the backstage of the production processes and find out what is behind the most renowned international brands.