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Exclusive Destinations

14 May, 2017

The most beautiful water landscapes in the world

[tps_header]The greatest experiences we can have are those made possible by Nature. Nothing done by men can surpass them – the Natural world offers the most incredible things that ever existed and those are the real luxury experiences we can have. Design Limited Edition brings you a selection of the most amazing water landscapes around the world. They all have something that doesn’t seem to belong to this world, yet marvelous. Sit back and enjoy![/tps_header]

Incredible water landscape #1 – Great Blue Hole

Amazing nature paradise landscapes The most beautiful water landscapes in the world amazing water landscapesThe Great Blue Hole is located in Lighthouse Reef, Belize. It was a vertical cave above ground during the past ice ages, but with time, the rising ocean levels flooded the 400 feet deep cave.