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Limited Editions

16 April, 2017

Most Expensive Items Made of Solid Gold

[tps_header]When it comes to fashioning or adorning everyday items with solid gold, Russia’s nouveau riche, the filthy rich oil Sheikhs and gold mad Chinese can’t get enough of the stuff.  The Sultan of Brunei lines his walls with sheets of gold.  Gas rich Russians drive gold cars.  And Chinese gold traders make toilets out of 24 carat solid gold.[/tps_header]

5. Toilet: $2.5 Million and Toilet Paper: $1.3 Million

Toilet paper made with solid gold solid gold Most Expensive Items Made of Solid Gold 10 of the most expensive items made with solid gold5

And you thought Kanye and Kim spending nearly $1 million for mere gold plated toilets was extravagant… In Hong Kong we find the most expensive restroom in the world.  Built by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001, it has 24 carat gold and jewel embellished walls and a solid gold toilet.  Not sheets of gold, but solid gold. Said to be worth $2.5 million, the toilet remains unused and intact.  At least if the Hong Kong economy goes belly up, they can always liquidated their asset.