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Designer Portfolio

11 April, 2017

Get inspired by Denis Kosutic’s Amazing Palais FG

[tps_header]The Blog Design Limited Edition brings you today a special interior design project, that reflects the essence of the work of Denis Kosutic that can be seen as an anti-traditional perception of the role of architecture in the modern world. For this interior designer and architect, architecture is a subject of consumptions, instead of a monument for eternity. Denis redesigned a baroque Austrian Palace, giving it a modern approach.[/tps_header]

denis kosutic Get inspired by Denis Kosutic’s Amazing Palais FG Boca do Lobo Projects Palais FG by Denis Kosutic 3

Boca do Lobowas part of the project, providing this interior designer, luxury furniture and sculptural pieces that served as an independent and strong character in the theatre play. Read on and discover this incredible palace!