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2 March, 2016

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

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Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

Wanders states that ‘Mirrors do to truth what bias does to knowledge’. A statement that reflects his take on ‘Dysmorphophobia 1, 2 and 3’, all of which are lined in a coarse metalic finish

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

The two large vases, dubbed ‘Shiqule Nuhai’, play tribute to the Dutchman's vast collection of Delft jewellery, taking on a personal twist, where he substitutes the traditional blue with black, reflecting his darker and more intimate side.

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

‘What I've done is try to create the ultimate combination of traditional crafts and technology, but with the goal of expressing a more intimate and fragile side of myself’

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

‘My personal duality is on display as I want both to shine, but also to reflect what is real as to darkness and brokenness. At times, I express vulnerability, disappointment, disillusion and shame.’

Marcel Wanders Exhibits Portraits – His NYC Solo Debut

The solid bronze rocking unicorn, coined ‘Tempter’ also references the designer's gloomier nature, where metal chain stirrups kit out the 6 foot figure. Wanders at his best.

Marcel Wanders launches his New York City debut with ‘Portraits’, an exhibition that highlights his original, and somewhat irreverent approach to design. Hosted by Friedman Benda, one of the city’s prime galleries for forward thinking artwork and design, the hollandaise designer explores a personal, intimate and immersive side to his work.

Marcel Wanders’ design practice has become synonymous with an outspoken optimism and uplifting spirit. With this exhibition, he explores a more intimate side of his personality through a staging of imaginary characters interacting within a distorted fairytale. A depth of personal emotions rarely expressed in his designs arises in these new works to reveal an intense and layered narrative.

Marcel Wanders’ total environment will include several bodies of work: large abstract figural mirrors, such as Dysmorphophobia 1, 2 and 3, with carved details and cutouts, create an illusion of a character or ghostly figure; Self 2 is a steel cabinet and kinetic piece, balancing a sculptural ovoid form that abstracts a human head and physically rocks on the top surface; Tempter, an over-sized adult rocking unicorn is cast in bronze with metal chain stirrups; Shiqule Nuhai, two ceramic vases, monumental in height, reference Marcel Wanders’ Delft Bluecollection with a darker sensibility, using black glaze. In addition, Wanders’ Phoebe video art and hybrid lighting fixtures previously featured at the Stedelijk Museum, will be on view.

With this exhibition an unseen side of Marcel Wanders unfolds: “My design work has always been about positivity, respect, love and trust. However, this output doesn’t fully represent me as a person. For me, it is also important to produce work that explores a different sensitivity and addresses other aspects of my life and character, otherwise it would feel incomplete,” Marcel Wanders says.

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