"limited edition pieces"

Interview | Marco Costa

Marco Costa was born in 1987, just south of Porto, Portugal; He is now a product designer who drew international recognition for his Pixel cabinet, produced by Boca do Lobo…

"the most exclusive cabinets"

Pixel Anodized

We have recently brought back to life one of our iconic designs, one of them being manufactured of no less than 1088 triangles. Our limited edition Pixel Anodized has been enlarged,…

"the most exclusive sideboards"

Diamond Emerald

We like to consider ourselves as pioneer in modern craftsmanship, by creating finely detailed pieces, which celebrate many types of stories. And when we push the boundaries of imagination at…

"diamond sideboard"


Another standout piece is our Diamond sideboard, which features a faceted front panel covered in a rich violet and a shining gold interior. It is an elaborated contemporary design piece…

"contemporary furniture"


Lying on the boundary of both art and design, this piece oscillates between the useless freedom of pure art and the utilitarian function of a designer’s project: it brings the…


Exclusive Furniture Design Collection by Aljoud Lootah

Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah has unveiled a new collection inspired by the traditional palm frond (or palm leaf) structures found across the Middle East. So, today the Design Limited Edition…

The limited edition Atmosphere of Amy Lau Design

Interior design took a role for the first time at this year’s edition of The Salon Art + Design NYC with the invitation of the interior designer Amy Lau to make…