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Luxury Toys

30 April, 2017

Rolls-Royce Reveals Luxury Driverless Car Concept

[tps_header]Rolls-Royce revealed his first luxury driverless car concept and the expectations are huge! The announcement is part of BMW Group’s ongoing centenary celebrations, which are looking ahead to the next 100 years of car design. A vision of the future of driverless luxury vehicles is like BMW Group describes this unique car concept.[/tps_header]

Rolls-Royce Reveals First Luxury Driverless Car Concept rolls-royce Rolls-Royce Reveals Luxury Driverless Car Concept 1 2

Instead of a driving area, the Vision Next 100 features a lounge-style interior with Massacar wood interiors, an OLED display that functions as an entertainment and work station, and silk carpets and sofas.