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17 May, 2017

Supernova: A Limited Edition Chandelier from Outer Space

[tps_header]Supernova is a lighting piece of transcendent beauty and imaginative audacity in conception found a place in the exclusive collection of Boca do LoboLimited Edition. The creation of the two brand new chandeliers extends the lighting family of the brand, while explores new materials and techniques of design.[/tps_header]

Supernova: A Chandelier from Outer Space Limited Edition Supernova: A Limited Edition Chandelier from Outer Space patch dining table hr 1

The art of Boca do Lobo’s chandeliers is a proof of an alongside walk of craftsmanship and contemporary design concepts. Through its exclusive design, Boca do Lobo brings once again the best technical Portuguese technique and quality with the only purpose to light up spaces with expertly crafted chandeliers.